Saturday, October 10, 2015

#Fish friends! MARINELAND® BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit complete aquarium $60 1/2 off! @petsmart

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MARINELAND® BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit

Per Petsmart:
This kit lets you build and maintain a beautiful aquatic environment suitable for small species of saltwater or freshwater fish. The Penguin 150 BioWheel power filter helps keep your aquarium water pure and healthy. Create a beautiful aquatic environment with the Marineland BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit. Ideal for small species of saltwater or freshwater fish, this aquarium features an elegant glass construction that's easy to clean and an LED lighting system that produces dazzling underwater light. The hood is stylized to reduce water evaporation, with hinges and a removable insert for easy access. Ensure your aquarium is positively pure with the help of the Penguin 150 BioWheel power filter.
Features: LED Lighting System 
Includes: Aquarium, Hood, Penguin 150 Bio Wheel Power Filter, LED Lighting System, Submersible Heater, Thermometer, Fish Net, Low-Voltage AC Adapter, Rite-Size B Filter Cartridge, TetraMin Tropical Food Sample, AquaSafe Water Conditioner Sample 
Used For: Freshwater Fish & Saltwater Fish 
Tank Size: 20 gallon 
Dimensions: 14.5"L x 26"W x 18.5"H 
Installation Type: Table 
Color: Black 
Shape: Rectangle 
Material: Glass 
Compatible With: Eclipse 2 Filtration and Lighting system 
Warranty: 1 year for Aquarium, Hood & Lighting, 3 years for Filter

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